EPW023983 ENGLAND (1928). The cemetery and environs, Sidmouth, from the east, 1928

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Pennawd [EPW023983] The cemetery and environs, Sidmouth, from the east, 1928
Cyfeirnod EPW023983
Dyddiad September-1928
Dwyreiniad / Gogleddiad 312948, 88520
Hydred / Lledred -3.2325168795541, 50.689233203007
Cyfeirnod Grid Cenedlaethol SY129885


Salter's Meadow allotments, created in 1917 in the WW1 food shortage, now houses.

SVA History Group
Friday 20th of May 2016 10:00:48 AM

Saturday 18th of October 2014 08:57:54 PM
The single-track railway to Sidmouth from the mainline at Sidmouth Junction, via Tipton St John, crosses the east flank of Bulverton Hill with embankments alternating with cuttings. How good the view must have been from this steam railway where the vegetation on the embankment was kept clear due the fire hazard.

Sunday 26th of August 2012 07:42:39 AM
Railway Station - pin on goods shed. The loco shed is behind left and the station building in the trees behind the cluster of roofs and chimneys. As was so often the case the station was a fair distance from the town. Here by choice of the locals, who did not wish the railway to be close enough to bring in the trippers as at Exmouth or Seaton.

Sunday 26th of August 2012 07:33:11 AM
Sidmouth Station was opened in 1874, and closed in 1967. See http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/s/sidmouth/index.shtml for more information about the station and photos of it before and after closure. (This site points out that to get nearer the town centre a fairly steep gradient would have needed - it may have been this practical consideration that kept the railway where it was.)

John W
Sunday 11th of September 2016 08:56:18 PM

Cyfraniadau Grŵp

Also shows the station and line from Tipton St John.

Sunday 26th of August 2012 07:44:34 AM