Adrodd fel Amhriodol

Testun Gwreiddiol (Anodiad: EPW036869 / 2173527)

' Hebden Bridge (originally Heptenbryge or maybe Hepden Brigge, which roughly translate to 'the way to Heptonstall') started as a settlement (in the 14th century) around the area in the bottom of the valley where the Halifax to Burnley packhorse route dropped down into the valley from the hilltops to get access to the opposite hilltop ancient village of Heptonstall and it's Cloth Hall. The route crossed Hebden Water at the spot where this 16th century old bridge (from where Hebden Bridge gets its name) stands. The bridge was built in 1510, though the original medieval wooden bridge would have been slightly farther upstream, possibly somewhere by Bridge Mill and The White Lion. Before the town was established the area around where the bridge can be found was very swampy which just goes to show why Hebden Bridge is prone to flooding '