EPW016286 ENGLAND (1926).  Wakefield Bridge and factories beside the River Calder, Wakefield, 1926


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    Title [EPW016286] Wakefield Bridge and factories beside the River Calder, Wakefield, 1926
    Reference EPW016286
    Date 14 July 1926
    Place name WAKEFIELD
    Country ENGLAND
    Easting / Northing 433912,  420121
    Longitude / Latitude -1.4865746571894,  53.676225852998
    National Grid Reference SE339201
    Image size (px)
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    Monday 25th of April 2016 06:37:57 PM
     E.Green & Sons

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    Tuesday 24th of March 2015 09:07:25 PM

    Ray Shill
    Saturday 30th of August 2014 02:12:30 PM
    This photo shows the Chantry on the bridge over the River Calder at the Kirkgate end of Wakefield. Forget age of this Chantry but I believe it has been removed from the original position - I could be wrong - it is many years since living in Yorkshire left there in 1965 - but Sandal was my birthplace. If you zoom left the railway at Kirkgate Station

    becomes visible very often used personally. Caldervale

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    Sunday 25th of January 2015 01:13:35 PM
     Calder & Hebble Navigation

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    Ray Shill
    Saturday 30th of August 2014 02:11:59 PM
     Aire & Calder Navigation Offices

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    Ray Shill
    Saturday 30th of August 2014 02:10:36 PM

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    User Comment Contributions

    Lower left corner of photo Kirkgate Station. The nearest platform is the Up direction. Rail tracks between the two platforms, the Down platform visible on the left side of photo. A track divergence - one leads almost straightforward

    towards Normanton, the curving route to the right leads to the

    Goole Branch. In between the straight line & the curve some sidings noticed. Two sidings actually one is Wakefield Exchange sidings, the other to the right of those is the carriage siding with carriage sheds. On the right of those sheds is Witham's sidings with vehicles on the buffered roads

    These sidings on the Goole Branch. The Junction where lines diverge straight or to right just beyond end of Kirkgate station is Wakefield East Junction (a large signal box) Next box is Whithams with line forward over rail bridge & River Calder. A signal box visible aptly named Calder Bridge was the exit off Wakefield Motive Power Depot (25A LMS 56A BR)

    The next signal box down the Goole Branch was Oakenshaw Jct

    where engines were placed on Wakefield M.P.D. or took a right hand junction onto the old Midland route from Normanton to Sheffield. Back to Whithams from Calder Bridge. A right hand junction to Turners Lane formed a triangle with Wakefield East

    Some sidings existed between Whithams & Turners Lane from Turners Lane forward Lockes Sidings then Goose Hill Junction

    (traffic to & from Midland Route joined here)and forward to

    Normanton, Leeds or Castleford to York from Normanton.

    Saturday 24th of January 2015 04:03:13 PM