How do I find images?

Keyword search - use the search box at the top of the page to carry out a "free text search".  This searches either for the text entered in the description of images, or for an image reference. If you get no results or too many, try changing the text in the search.  Searching for two words separated by a space will search for both words.  Search for a phrase in quotation marks to look for an exact match.

Map Search – pan and zoom around the map to find images.  Or use the ‘Find a…’ button to search by OS National Grid Reference, Easting/Northing, Placename or Postcode.

Image tools (buttons underneath the image)

Please note that you need to be registered and logged in to access some of the image tools.

The tools offer the following features:

Add to profile

If you discover an Aerofilms image that you would like to save to your profile you can click on the "Save to profile" link which will automatically create a link to your profile and display. 


Click button to sign up to the Terms and Conditions and download a free copy of the image for personal use.


Click ‘Buy’ button to purchase a 300dpi image for personal use or get a quote to use an image for any other use


Use the zoom tool to see the fantastic detail in the images

Add a pin

Under the image you can see a button called "Add pin". This lets you add a comment to the image or upload a photo.

When you want to add a comment or upload a photo, click "add pin" and instructions will appear in a box on the image and a yellow circle will also appear on the image. Drag the yellow circle to the area where you want the pin to appear, keep dragging until you are happy with the position.  Click “Continue” and another box will appear where you can type your comment and/or upload a photo. Submit when you are happy with your contribution.

A blue pin will now appear on the image – you can see your comment by clicking the pin.  Your comment also appears in the Pins section further down the page.  From this section you can edit or remove your comments.

Purchasing images

If you are interested in purchasing a digital image or print, please see our Buying Images page