EPW024753 ENGLAND (1928). Kensal Green Gas Works and environs, North Kensington, 1928

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Title [EPW024753] Kensal Green Gas Works and environs, North Kensington, 1928
Reference EPW024753
Date September-1928
Easting / Northing 523865, 182327
Longitude / Latitude -0.21428559586405, 51.525773539019
National Grid Reference TQ239823


Pile of coke. This was sometimes sold off to the public.

Brian C.
Monday 18th of May 2020 10:46:14 PM
My maternal grandmother (a widow) worked here as cook up to and during World War One. It was an open air school for children at risk of TB. The children took their afternoon naps outside on covered porches every day. During the War they both moved into the school along with the caretaker, his wife and daughter. The school closed at the outbreak World War Two. Strange, as it was next to the Gas Works. Pollution levels must have been high.

Friday 17th of April 2020 02:11:30 PM
Parish Church of Saint John the Evangelist, 07/09/2014

Tuesday 7th of October 2014 09:22:49 PM
Old house demolished to make room for the telephone exchange.

Brian C.
Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 11:33:25 AM
Canalside House, now (2013) managed by Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea as office and meeting space for voluntary and community organisations.

David Parry
Monday 6th of May 2013 06:14:00 PM
Isn't this Kensal House?

Friday 21st of August 2015 12:18:59 AM
Dissenters' Chapel

David Parry
Monday 6th of May 2013 05:34:48 PM
The Dissenters' Chapel is now a redundant chapel in Kensal Green Cemetery. It was Grade II Listed in 1969 (amended 2001).

See the 'Factual Summary' tab for this image for more details.

David Parry
Monday 6th of May 2013 05:58:00 PM
Kensal Green Cemetery

David Parry
Monday 6th of May 2013 05:04:48 PM
Final resting place of numerous famous people, such as artists Sir John Tenniel and John Varley, the great Blondin (crossed Niagara falls on a tightrope), John Aldred Twining and Richard Twining (both of the tea dynasty), Sir George Birkbeck, pioneer and traveller Lady Jane Franklin, Mary Scott Hogarth (Charles Dickens' sister-in-law), and author Jane Loudon amongst many other.

David Parry
Monday 6th of May 2013 05:34:02 PM
Grand Union Canal

David Parry
Monday 6th of May 2013 05:00:00 PM

User Comment Contributions

How well I know that pile of coke. Every Saturday morning in the winter for several years as a boy I joined the long queue with my wooden cart to buy 2 bags of coke for my mother and sister who lived nearby. As I remember coke was only sold to the public between 9 o'clock and midday on Saturday.

Sunday 19th of February 2017 05:11:12 PM
I can remember folk with old prams going to the Kensal Green gas works to fill up with coke to take home for their fire, houses were so cold then, no loft insulation and sash windows rattling in the wind letting in cold air, sash weights that would crash down along with the window when the old cord broke, so you would have to prop the window up with a broom handle until it could be repaired!

Friday 21st of August 2015 12:22:56 AM
Yes and we were doing the same in the late 1940's when I lived in Burrows Road Kensal Green, 1947 was the the really bad year when the temperature never rose above freezing for 3 months and many places were snowed in.

Friday 21st of August 2015 12:22:56 AM
Kensal Green Gas Works, 07/10/2014

Thursday 29th of January 2015 12:30:39 PM
The road crossing the Paddington Arm is Ladbroke Grove. To the west is Kensal Green Gas Works, with loaded lighters on the offside of the canal which most probably would've been towed up by tug from the Great Central Railway transhipment dock at Marylebone Goods Yard or Regents Canal Dock. To the east is (I believe) the Kensington Council interchange dock, where rubbish, dust, sweepings etc were loaded into wideboats and taken away for landfill in the Hillingdon area.

Sunday 17th of March 2013 12:17:54 PM
A photo of the canal in this area can be found here: http://www.steamershistorical.co.uk/steamers_PRINCEREGENT.htm

Wednesday 26th of December 2012 11:43:17 PM

If anyone is interested, my grandad did work at the gasworks, at Kensal green, and i have photographs of some of the workers there. Also my mums family lived in the dwellings right opposite (on Ladbroke grove) We also have a very short home film of the gasworks yard. If anyone else has pictures of the area, I'd love to see them. Also is this photograph available in a larger format? cheers

Wednesday 6th of March 2013 05:53:31 PM
Thanks for the post Nolly - sounds interesting. It would be great to make contact - please DM (I can't contact you due to your privacy settings).

Sunday 17th of March 2013 12:17:54 PM
Top left corner is St.John's church. To it's right the white building was called 'haunted house' by local children. It was rather delapidated and later replaced by the telephone exchange.

In the Gas Light & Coke Company's yard can be seen a large pile of coke. This could be sold on to the general public.

Brian C.
Saturday 29th of December 2012 10:25:16 PM
I wonder how many town gas works sold the by-product on only locally, and how many were connected by rail head to supply a wider market? Or am I imagining that coke produced in town gas works was sold on to larger industrial concerns and moved about the country?


Katy Whitaker
Saturday 29th of December 2012 10:25:16 PM