EPW024411 ENGLAND (1928). Scholemoor Football Ground and Cemetery, Scholemoor, 1928

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Title [EPW024411] Scholemoor Football Ground and Cemetery, Scholemoor, 1928
Reference EPW024411
Date September-1928
Easting / Northing 413371, 432209
Longitude / Latitude -1.7970375092883, 53.78581493518
National Grid Reference SE134322


Bradford Rugby Union Football Club, Lidget Green ground. Club formed as Bradford Football Club in 1863, opened Lidget Green ground in 1919 - had crowds of up to 20,000 watching in early days - left Lidget Green in early 1980s and merged with Bingley to form current club Bradford & Bingley (Bees)

PJ Wright
Sunday 16th of December 2012 12:07:23 AM

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Lidget Green, home of Bradford RUFC - formed in 1863 as Bradford Football Club - from 1919 to 1982 when BRUFC merged with Bingley to form Bradford & Bingley RFC, based at Wagon Lane, Bingley.

Beside hosting numerous Yorkshire County games, amongst other big games played there were -

Australia v NZ inter services game in 1919 - won by Aus 6-3,

The second All Blacks v Yorkshire (which included 7 Bradford players) in 1924/5 - won by ABs 42-4 - the 4 points for Yorkshire was a drop goal!,

North v South England trial in 1924,

Three county championship finals between 1920 and 1928 - 1920 Yorkshire lost to Gloucester - 1926 Yorkshire beat Hampshire15-14 - 1928 Yorkshire beat Cornwall 12-8,

The Maoris v Yorkshire in 1926 - won by Maoris 17-9

The third All Blacks v Yorks/Cumberland in 1935 - won by ABs 14-3 ,

All Blacks v NE Counties in 1954 - the only game played in England that day through use of salt and a steam-roller to soften the frozen pitch, 20,000 watched the game - it took several years to restore the pitch!.

Barbarians v Bradford, 4 October 1965 - 75 years after Barbarians formed in Bradford in 1890

All Blacks v North East of England on 9 Dec 1972 - ABs won 9-3

PJ Wright
Sunday 16th of December 2012 07:23:26 PM
Bradford Rugby Football Club's ground Lidget Green in foreground. It was opened in 1919 with Messrs Edward Airey, JL Hickson and Herbert Robertshaw as Trustees.

Bradford RFC left Lidget Green in the early 1980s and merged with Bingley RFC, where they still play as Bradford and Bingley RFC at Wagon Lane.

PJ Wright
Monday 9th of July 2012 09:42:13 AM