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EAW008656 ENGLAND (1947). The Alarm (Mersey Bar Lightship) and SS Collegian, Liverpool Bay, 1947

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Title [EAW008656] The Alarm (Mersey Bar Lightship) and SS Collegian, Liverpool Bay, 1947
Reference EAW008656
Date 1-August-1947
Easting / Northing 316697, 386128
Longitude / Latitude -3.3495005075557, 53.534512615177
National Grid Reference SD106051


The Liverpool Bar ship marked the dangerous sand bank upon which ships could beach. As the dredged "Queens Channel" became the approach to Liverpool for the larger ships, the lightship became the location where incoming ships picked up a pilot to guide them to port. The ship was replaced in 1969, and changed to an unmanned buoy in 1972. In 1993 a new buoy was placed here which had a radar ID in addition to the light.

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The black funnel has the black body and white-red-white stripes of Thos and Jas Harrison. SS Collegian was the third ship with this name to be operated by Harrison, and was scrapped in 1947. This ship was built 1923 and before 1935 was operated by Prince Line as Royal Prince. It was called London Commerce until 1928, when it became the third ship to be called Royal Prince.

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