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About the group Themed images of transport

Created 5 December 2012

Canals were an important element in the expansion of transport networks that powered the Industrial Revolution in Britain. The Crinan canal is nine miles long and was completed in 1801. It joins Ardrishaig on the edge of Loch Fyne in the East of the Knapdale peninsula, to Crinan which sits on the edge of the Sound of Jura in the West. It thus provides a short and safe route between the Clyde and the Inner Hebrides, allowing shipping to pass between the two without having to go round the Mull of Kintyre.

Thursday 8th of May 2014 05:51:31 PM
'Dry' docks are areas of dockland which provide spaces for ships to sail into, but which can then be drained to allow them to be repaired or (in this case) to be broken up and demolished once there is no further use for them. As we see here, they can be very large structures, providing space not only for the ships themselves but also for cranes, storage, access and transportation.

Thursday 8th of May 2014 12:36:18 PM
Rivers offer major obstacles to road and rail systems, and have to be bridged if one area is to be joined to another efficiently and transport networks are to evolve. This can involve major construction projects, as we see here.

Wednesday 7th of May 2014 01:05:51 PM

Monday 16th of December 2013 04:58:18 PM
Cardiff Airport the old RAF and civil flying airport as it was in Pengham Moors, Splott, before it was moved to it's current location in Rhoose.

Monday 16th of December 2013 04:56:54 PM

Monday 16th of December 2013 04:53:16 PM

Monday 16th of December 2013 04:50:06 PM
A great view of the Menai suspension Bridge providing passage over the Menai straights between Anglesey and mainland North Wales.

Monday 16th of December 2013 04:48:17 PM
Settlements, industry, roads, canals and railways often follow river valleys as here. River valleys are flat and can be wide. Early settlements used rivers for transport and for water supplies. River valleys also provided fertile land for growing crops.

Friday 5th of April 2013 01:23:32 PM
This view shows how New Street railway station was built in the heart of the city centre causing huge changes to the Victorian city. In the 1960s the station was covered over with a new shopping centre which again changed the cityscape.

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Thursday 21st of March 2013 10:51:20 AM
An aerial view of the Forth & Clyde canal, which runs from the River Carron near Grangemouth in the East (where it connects to the Firth of Forth) to the Clyde at Bowling in the West. The canal is connected to the Union canal (connecting Falkirk to Edinburgh) by the innovative rotating lift of the Falkirk Wheel.

Friday 7th of December 2012 12:05:07 PM
Oblique aerial view of central Glasgow, showing railway line coming in to Central Station.

Wednesday 5th of December 2012 12:21:24 PM