St Thomas More School, West Grinstead, West Sussex

About the group Formerly an approved school and, latterly a community home. From 1934 to 1977 the school was run by the Presentation Brothers.

Created 30 August 2014

Remembered fondly as Tommy Mores, St Thomas More School was run by the Presentation Brothers from 1934 until 1977 before closing its doors in the early eighties.

The STM forum started in 2002 on FRIENDS REUNITED, and since early 2009 it has also established itself on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and CARELEAVERS REUNITED.

We have held reunions annually since 2010 and have contributed personal recollections and photographs to a local history group’s book, “When the School Bell Rang”.

We believe the school forum is one of the best of its kind as it was formed with a wealth of the best available photographs and historical information as well as its greatest asset, the members who regularly share stories, information and photographs.

It is a forum where former pupils (and staff alike) can renew friendships and establish links with their past.

It is the original STM forum and we think it’s the best – So, you're very welcome!

Simply follow this link to our ST THOMAS MORE SCHOOL, WEST GRINSTEAD, WEST SUSSEX group forum:

David B
Saturday 30th of August 2014 01:44:09 PM
The buildings that were eventually to become St Thomas More School were built towards the end of the 1880’s by the builders who had completed the Carthusian Monastery, St Hugh’s Charterhouse, Cowfold. There was formerly a small orphanage on the site known as St Dominic’s Priory, later to become St Mary’s Orphanage and then St Julian’s Priory.

In 1934, after the orphanage had been closed for about three years, the Southwark Catholic Children’s Society took it over and it became an approved school, and much later it was reorganized as a community home under the Children and Young Persons Act, 1969. From 1935 to 1977 the institution was staffed by Presentation Brothers until they relinquished their responsibility in 1977 to lay control until its closure in 1983/84.

Much later it became the Yago College; an establishment attended by Spanish students wishing to improve their English.

Finally, it was sold to a developer, who after demolishing the buildings in 1998, created the exclusive enclave of houses on what is now known as Caryll’s Meadow. The only part of the original site is the two cottages and a garage at the front (Steyning Road) and the other two cottages in Park Lane (“Station Road”). For some time it was thought that the wooded “back” area of the school would be developed along similar lines.

David Barker


David B
Saturday 30th of August 2014 01:41:20 PM