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Original Text (Annotation: SAR018742 / 2057845)

' The George Picture House, built on the site of the George Hotel, which had closed in 1920. The George Picture House was opened on 21st December 1922. It was operated by the A.B. King circuit. The cinema was badly damaged by a fire on 20th November 1927, but was repaired and reopened on 16th April 1928. In 1929 it was taken over by John Maxwell’s Scottish Cinema and Variety Theatres chain, which eventually became Associated British Cinemas(ABC). ABC closed the George Picture House on 20th May 1961, and it was converted into a County Bingo Club. That use ceased in 1989. In the early 1990’s it was converted into a nightclub named Hippodrome, then it was re-named Expo and in recent years Ice. It had closed by 2014 and the building was ‘For Sale’. '