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Original Text (Annotation: SAW003586 / 2023405)

' Meall Dubh. I'm guessing - but the crew probably flew out of Dalcross en-route to Oban/Connel, and flew down the Great Glen(Track - 215T). While over Loch Lochy and to the NE of Meall Dubh, they photographed it looking NW. The two deep gullies - centre right - can be seen clearly on Google Earth and the Ordnance Survey 3D app. These gullies flow into Dearg Allt on the map - this flows into Loch Lochy. Top left is the valley - Coire Leacachan - which lies between Meall Dubh and the summit to the SW - Meallna Teanga. The ridge line in the background at the top of the photo is between the summit Sron a' Choire Ghairbh to the west and Sean Mheall to the east. I apologise if I have misspelt some of the Gaelic names. '