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Original Text (Annotation: EAW035283 / 1058089)

' Odiham Castle (also known locally as King John's Castle), RG29 1HG Built between 1207 and 1214. Grade 1 listed building - English Heritage Building ID: 136964 also scheduled ancient monument. Partly-surviving octagonal keep probably not the original fortification but built after a siege in 1216. One of only three fortresses built by King John during his reign. The castle was abandoned in the 14th century. The castle has in modern times been restored / consolidated and is open to the public. Currently daily, and free. Access via river or canal footpaths. Image (2012) [[File:Odiham Castle.jpg]] is copyright Babelstone and is used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. '