EPW000700 ENGLAND (1920). Victoria Hospital, Folkestone, 1920

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Title [EPW000700] Victoria Hospital, Folkestone, 1920
Reference EPW000700
Date April-1920
Easting / Northing 622253, 136629
Longitude / Latitude 1.1738376573692, 51.085319394478
National Grid Reference TR223366


Stella Maris Primary School is now on this spot. In October 1933, work began on the site, to plans drawn by Mr. E J Walters, and little more than six months later all was complete. On April 18 1934, his Eminence Cardinal Francis Bourne formally opened the new school, dedicating it to our Lady under the title of 'Stella Maris'.

Thursday 13th of June 2019 03:42:20 AM
Radnor Park Road

Monday 13th of August 2012 05:32:20 PM
Salters Laundry. Bombed in the Second World War, now Fire Station.

Monday 6th of August 2012 04:41:45 PM
Bunkers on old Folkestone Golf Course, now Lynwood residential estate

Friday 6th of July 2012 09:40:11 PM
Park Farm,Folkestone now an industrial estate

Friday 6th of July 2012 09:38:40 PM
Bowling Green in northeast corner of Radnor Park, Folkestone

Friday 6th of July 2012 09:37:14 PM
Royal Victoria Hospital

Tuesday 3rd of July 2012 06:03:09 PM

User Comment Contributions

Why does this say "Unlocated", when it is very clearly located in Folkestone?

Nicholas Reed
Tuesday 23rd of October 2012 09:29:15 AM
Hi Nicholas,

In answer to your question, we allow plenty of time for website users to view Unlocated images and comment on them. Although sometimes someone is able to identify a location very quickly, it is often the case that it takes a discussion about the location to finally fix on an answer. It also helps to have extra information - for example, a group of pins on the image indicating the relevant road names and buildings, or comments explaining features in the photo.

For this image, the identification is correct and the information about the roads and buildings is really useful. Thanks to everyone's help we can update the catalogue, and the revised record will appear here in due course. This means that instead of "Unlocated", the image will have a caption, and we'll confirm the twelve figure grid-reference.

Yours, Katy

Britain from Above Cataloguing Team Leader

Katy Whitaker
Tuesday 23rd of October 2012 09:29:15 AM
In front of the Hospital (the big building in the middle) is a field (?tennis court), which is now part of Radnor Park. The big road to the right is Radnor Park Road.

The blue dot at far right is now the fire station at the start of Park Farm Road.

First time I've done any of this identification!

I now see that "Paulo" has identified most of these correctly.

Nicholas Reed
Saturday 20th of October 2012 07:24:16 AM
Does anybody have an idea as to the purpose of the buildings behind the Hospital, on the other side of the Pent Stream. Could it be a council depot with nurseries adjacent?

Wednesday 10th of October 2012 07:09:40 PM