Studio 3 - Bird's Eye View

About the group Studio 3 is a mental health art group based in Leeds

Created 16 June 2014

Ian started working with ideas inspired by the airmen in wartime who were issued with little silk maps that were hidden in their clothing incase they came down in occupied territory. So this is a print and pencil drawing based on this idea.

Thursday 26th of June 2014 08:29:25 PM
Mark has given much thought to the pilots who operated in WW1 and likes to work with patterns and geometric designs.

Thursday 26th of June 2014 08:24:38 PM
I can see all of Leeds from my bedroom window. This is a print I did called 'The Night Watchman'

- Maria

Monday 16th of June 2014 09:45:14 PM
Ilkley map

Monday 16th of June 2014 09:42:43 PM
I took an image of the town of Ilkley from the Britain From Above website and layered it, using Photoshop, onto a painting I'd done of Ilkley rocks (one rock in particular, in the valley behind the Cow & Calf).

- Howard

Monday 16th of June 2014 09:41:27 PM
Bentley Colliery, Bentley, 1946

Monday 16th of June 2014 09:36:59 PM
This is a print related to one of the photos of Bentley Colliery. Some of my relatives and neighbours worked there. I could see the top of the spoil heap from my window in the distance. I was struck by the D.H. Lawrence feel from the juxtaposition of industry and countryside.

- Elaine

Monday 16th of June 2014 09:29:42 PM