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Original Text (Annotation: EPW014372 / 760495)

' DIXONS CHIMNEY BUILT SEPT 1835 - 25. OCT 1836/ GROUND LEVEL - TOP OF STACK/STALK 300 Feet (when built) .THIS WAS THE *SECOND TALLEST FACTORY CHIMNEY(*Unfortunately it was beaten in height by Adams Soap works Chimney Birmingham which was, when built in Sept /October 1836 312 Feet) IN Gt BRITAIN FOR AROUND 5 YEARS. Damaged by Lightning in 1949, it was reduced in height the following year( when it lost its distictive 'top hat' i.e projecting masonary SILL).Further courses of brick were taken off in the 1960's. Which has left the present day chimney standing around 270 Feet.This structure must now surely be the TALLEST EARLIEST Surviving Factory Chimney in the U.K . And as such is a Very important survivor from Britains earlier Industrial past. Unfortunately it has only a Grade 2 listing. Surely this needs to be REVIEWED TO GRADE 1 '