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Original Text (Annotation: WPW032438 / 755233)

' Winches Pit, this pit was a hub of minerals for Nantyglo ironworks joined to the Beaufort ironworks by a mile long water level, as well as coal and iron ore, drams of finished iron were winched to this level to use the Newport to Brecon canal through Clydach gorge and save the extra cost of the shorter western valley route, Crawshay Bailey built a railway in the 1860's along its route. The water balance machine may be the reason for the name machine pond, its water fed it and it drained out into the river Ebbw. This pit and a number of others were part of the RTB steelworks water system, the water levels here were monitored, water was used from Bryn Pit- which was probably joined to this pit underground bringing outcrop iron ore to the furnaces, Drillground pits 5/6 and #5 Victoria. '