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Original Text (Annotation: EPW026412 / 692013)

' Given that the Garstand & Knott End Railway had a motley collection of engines over time, the engine we can see does have an uncanny resemblance to the distinctive outline of their last engine, side tank 2-6-0 Manning-Wardle No.1747 "Blackpool", bought from the leeds firm in 1909. Not many LMS engines at the time had that profile that I can think of. The LMS acquired "Blackpool" in 1923 and gave it the number 11680, though its stayed as staple motive power for the line and was the last GK&ER engine. Being unique in their stock it didn't last long (being of undesirable non-standard design, probably why the GK&ER got her, probably on the cheap). It was withdrawn in October 1927 and scrapped. But the photo says 1929. Is it an illusion of the film or are some dates wrong? We may never know! '