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Original Text (Annotation: EAW017135 / 679093)

' PRETORIA CASTLE (Union-Castle Line) 1947 build. ( The earlier ship of this name became F61 in WW2 but post war renamed as Warwick Castle.) Built by Harland and Wolff, Belfast. The launching ceremony on August 19, 1947, was unusual in that it was performed by radio by the South African Prime Minister's wife, Mrs Jan Smuts, who was at her home in Pretoria, 6,000 miles from Belfast. Seen here just before her maiden voyage to South Africa, departing Southampton on July 22, 1948. The round trip was 37 days and a bit but as the years passed, to save fuel, the journey was progressivley slowed down . 28,705 grt. 747 feet long (228m) Width 84 feet (26m). Steam turbine twin screw. 214 first class passengers, 541 tourist class passengers. Fitted with air conditioning in 1962. She was sold to Safmarine in 1966 and renamed S.A. Oranje, but continued in the same service managed by Union-Castle. Scrapped 1976 (some say 1975), Kaohsiung, Taiwan- departed South Africa for scrapping in 1975, scrapping work commenced January 1976. '