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Original Text (Annotation: EPW024269 / 548929)

' Site under clearance in 1928 for the London Fruit Exchange, at the southern side of Spitalfields Market, Tower Hamlets. The building was to be erected to the designs of the Architect to the City, Sydney Perks, who had designed the now-completed western extension of Spitalfields Market. This Market Extension was opened by Queen Mary on 23 November, 1928. Spitalfields's Fruit Exchange was opened on October 30, 1929. In 1934 a Flower Market building was added to Spitalfields Market on the northern side. In 1991 the City Corporation, who had acquired Spitalfields Market in 1920, closed the wholesale fruit and vegetable market and moved the traders out, further east to Leyton. In 2003-2008, the 1928 Extension and the 1934 Flower Market were demolished. Currently, the 1929 London Fruit (and Wool) Exchange is threatened with demolition - approved by Boris Johnson in 2012, using his powers as Mayor for London. This is despite huge opposition as 60% of Spitalfields Market has already been demolished. '