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Original Text (Annotation: EAW001782 / 2104001)

' I believe this residence is 73 Park Road South. The chimney stacks appear above the roofs of this 3 story home that had a circular stairway. We resided on the top flat for a few years, prior to our immigrating to the United States. The building was composed of two adjacent residences, 71 and 73 Park Road South, with separate drives. From the top floor windows, we were able to see boat masts traveling down the Mersey, and the Birkenhead Park School for Girls. The front yard is obscured somewhat by a large Conker tree. We would regularly climb it against our parents wishes. Next to the property was a section of undeveloped land with a multitude of trees, it was scary at night, so we coined it "The Ghost" Both residences were demolished, I believe during the 1960's. '