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Original Text (Annotation: EPW005260 / 2075027)

' New Parks Farm - 52 38 37" N 001 10 14"W. Identified using the Ordnance Survey 25" map published in 1904. The farm no longer exists - the land has been developed by Leicester City and is now Aikman Close leading off Aikman Avenue. The nearby stately pile - New Parks House 400y to the NE - is still there however. The distinctive layout of the farm with a pond close by to the east, was easily recognisable on the large scale chart; also the field boundaries match up as well. Quorn House - SE of Loughborough - was the photo taken before this one (EWP005259) so I conducted a creeping line ahead search on the 6" scale from Loughborough down to Leicester and was extremely fortunate to spot the farm. Braunstone Airfield is close by the farm - it did not come into civil use until the 30s but perhaps the field was used for light aircraft in the 20s - who knows? Perhaps the camera operator was just finishing off his film/plates? '