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Original Text (Annotation: EAW000636 / 2034293)

' Arbour Square. A trolleybus turning circle was provided here for curtailing late running westbound trolleybuses to get them back on schedule. No trolleybuses were scheduled to turn here but due to increasing congestion along the Commercial Road in later years it was well used. The gradual decline of the London Docks had quite an affect on the trolleybus services along the Commercial Road. 1n 1950 there were 81 trolleybuses an hour each way, but by the end of the decade they had dropped by 20 to 61 each way an hour. The three routes which ran along the commercial Road - 665 Bloomsbury, and 567 Smithfield to Barking, and 569 Aldgate to Silvertown Station ran for the last time on 10th November 1959 replaced by the first Routemasters to run in London. '