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Original Text (Annotation: SPW022061 / 2029595)

' The West Boathouse on Glasgow Green. This building houses both the Clyde Amateur Rowing Club (founded 1865) and the Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club (founded 1857). In 1872 four lads from the Clyde Amateur Rowing Club had a dream to start a Football Club, their names - Moses and Peter Mc’Neil (brothers), William McBeath and Peter Campbell. Today these lads are known as "The Gallant Pioneers", the founders of Rangers Football Club. The official symbol of Clyde ARC is - the Clyde Star, a six pointed, light blue star appears on the club flag, club badge, club rowing kit and is referenced in the club constitution. The first known picture of the Rangers squad shows the 1877 team, resplendent in white shirts, with a light blue, six pointed star on the left breast. (See photo) '