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Original Text (Annotation: EPW014372 / 2029033)

' Carrs Bisuits (now known as McVities) still one of the major employers in Carlisle. Built by Jonathan Dodgson Carr a Quaker. He move to Caldewgate and built the factory on 1837 so he could make the most of the Canal and later the railway to bring in ingredients, the railway even had a track that ran right into the yard of the factory. Originally a flour mill, bread and biscuit bakery, in 1890 and 1900 it was extended to include no. 2 and 3 factory. It was the 1st factory in England to produce biscuits on a grand scale using production lines. Famed for the production of Carrs Water Biscuits, which were originally designed using water to bind the ingredients instead of fat so that ships (navy in particular) could have a cracker that stored for long periods at sea. '