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Original Text (Annotation: EPW001136 / 2021905)

' THESE WERE THE 'CHRISTCHURCH BUILDINGS' (ALSO KNOWN AS 'GALLOWAY'S CORNER' (Galloway was the Pharmacy located on the ground floor corner between Victoria Square and New St.)). They replaced 'THE CHRISTCHURCH' and its cemetery which was demolished in 1899, some parts of which were relocated to ST AGATHA'S, Stratford Road, Sparkbrook. These 'CHRISTCHURCH BUILDINS' were themselves demolished, area turfed and became a recreation space. This area became the site of the sculptures and water cascades mockingly called 'THE FLOOZIE IN THE JACUZZI', and following many attempts to cure the water leaks, the cascade were switched off and an abundance of various plants were installed giving an appearance terraced gardens. '