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Original Text (Annotation: EPW000358 / 181189)

' Artefacts recovered from the World War I Spanish Prince Wreck, Dover Harbour, Kent, UK. The object above the anchor shank appears to be the curved arch of the wreck's stern, with the vertical section on the right being the bottom of the keel above which (ie to the left) the rudder was once fixed. The squat L-shaped item towards top-left may be the top of the rudder post (ie the rudder once lay between it and the bottom of the keel to the right). Members of the Gaverland Sea Barge crew thought the anchor was "a bit small" for a ship the size of the Spanish Prince - perhaps it belonged to the War Sepoy (an adjacent World War II blockship), or maybe it was just part of the ballast loaded prior to scuttling. More information on the original webpage: '