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Original Text (Annotation: EPW000773 / 177061)

' St Mary's Church of England Primary School, Queen Street, Dover, Kent, UK Erected in 1820, and once Dover National School. I went there from 1958 until 1962. My teachers were: Miss Meadows, Dai Rees, Bob Winter; Mr Leach was the Headmaster. Pupils I remember are John Latter (me!), Kerry Manning, John Edwards, Mary King, John Linge, John Allister (deceased), Pamela Spicer and Patricia Spicer, Sandra Williams, Jennifer Lett, Judith Robinson, Jackie Raworth (married name), Geraldine Reynolds, Maureen Quinn, Michael Woodland, Peter Gibbs (deceased), Vivian Spillett, Nigel Fitz, Peter Harrison, James Standing, John Dennis, Derek Cole, David Thomas, Jacqueline Lucas (I always mix her up with Lorna Wood), Ian Luff... (etc.) Facebook Group for ex-pupils who went to St Mary's Church of England Primary School or Infant School when they were located in Queen Street: '