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Original Text (Annotation: EPW005131 / 171737)

' Smithfield Market fish and poultry building which received a direct hit from a German V.2 rocket at 11.10am on Thursday, 8th March 1945. The position at the NE corner of Farringdon Road and Charterhouse Street. It gets a deserved mention pp530-531 Blitz Then & Now Vol 3 Pub 1990, but little else before or since by researchers & documentaries alike. How sad this incident should be overlooked in that way. Official statistics record over 100 killed outright and many more injured who may have died later. Of those 98 names are listed with their home addresses (many from right across Greater London) in the City of London's Civilian War Dead Roll of Honour 1939-47. Of course at that time of day many would have been queueing to buy food. '