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Original Text (Annotation: EAW051399 / 1474057)

' 1949-1959 Rover 75 P4. Announced by Managing Director Spencer Wilks on 23 September 1949 the new Rover 75, now the only Rover in production, was first displayed at the opening day of the Earls Court Motor Show on 28 September 1949. It featured unusual modern styling in stark contrast with the outdated Rover 75 (P3) it replaced. Gone were the traditional radiator, separate headlamps and external running boards. In their place were a chromium grille, recessed headlamps and a streamlined body the whole width of the chassis. A steering column-mounted gear lever was fitted. Production 33,267 produced 1949-54 9.974 produced 1955-1959 Predecessor Rover 75 (P3) Successor Rover 80 Rover 100 '