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Original Text (Annotation: EAW015423 / 1404945)

' Old bus station, 1933, art deco style. This whole photo is just a catalogue of how successive generations of local politicians have failed the town (oops, city, ironic laugh). St Werburgh's church and district (demolished to make way for a ring road), this bus station (now a desolate failed retail opportunity), the 18th century Assembly Rooms (demolished to make way for a new Assembly Rooms, itself now to be demolished to make way for yet another failed retail opportunity, because it will mysteriously cost £50 million to repair smoke damage), St Mary's Bridge (mediaeval with bridge chapel- still with us in a dreary backwater overshadowed by a concrete ringroad bridge), Handiside's works, accidentally burnt down releasing the land for development.... Derby was probably never very picturesque, but if they'd set out with an agenda to make it as dreary as possible, they couldn't have done better. It's the perfect background for desperate boozing at weekends. '