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Original Text (Annotation: SAW032180 / 1352579)

' Parkhead Forge, Duke Street, Glasgow This works was founded in about 1837 by Reoch Bros & Co to make forgings from scrap iron. It was subsequently greatly extended by Rigby & Beardmore and William Beardmore & Co Ltd. During both World Wars it was an important munitions works. This shows a large machine shop built in 1905 and extended in 1914 to make artillery for use on the Western Front during World War I. The brick cladding covered a steel frame. The main part of the works was at the far end of this range. Under William Beardmore, Parkhead Forge became the nucleus of a vast industrial empire, with a workforce of over 100,000 at its peak. By the 1960s Parkhead was all that was left, making alloy steel, heavy forgings and rolling-mill rolls. The works closed in the 1980s and has almost all been demolished accept this one building (see pic) which today trades in spare car tyres. Source: RCAHMS contribution to SCRAN. '