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Original Text (Annotation: SAR014782 / 1346101)

' Renfrew Road at Hardgate Road c1950. Stephen's shipyard battery powered locomotive is returning empty wagons and a van from the yard to the goods station. The track junction is curving off the frame to the right past the end of Hardgate Road into the goods yard seen on the left in the large photo (below) of the SCWS factories. On the left behind the brick wall is the original Shieldhall Sewage Works, which in the 1960s was enlarged to cover much of the northern end of Hardgate Road and the by then disused goods yard. The Clyde Sawmill & Wood Storage, with its distinctive sheds with Belfast type roofs, and walls with vents to keep the contents dry, is behind the adverts on the right. The board seen above the locomotive’s cab carried the wood-yard company name. '