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Original Text (Annotation: SAR014782 / 1345911)

' S.C.W.S.Shieldhall 'Printing Department' Factory, Renfrew Road and Bogmoor Road, Glasgow This large complex was built in stages from 1887 by the Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society to make goods for, and provide services to, retail co-operative societies in Scotland. It complemented other Society works in the Tradeston and Kinning Park areas of Glasgow. This shows the frontage to Renfrew Road, intended to be a symmetrical set-piece, with a clock tower over the entrance to the complex. Owing to World War I it was never completed. The six-storeyed block was the printing works. The co-operative movement was very strong in central Scotland, and remained so until the 1960s, when rising living standards, changing social attitudes and conservatism in management reduced its impact dramatically. This factory was run down over a period, though some of the buildings have been reused. '