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Original Text (Annotation: SAW016952 / 1345875)

' Hammer Shaft Factory, No 17 Fairley Street, Glasgow This works was founded in 1892 by Robert Burley & Sons, makers of hammer shafts and tool handles. It was extended in 1901 for the same firm, who were timber importers and merchants, as well as manufacturers. This shows the street frontage of the works from the north-east. The design suggests that the 1892 factory was the symmetrical block at the far end (of attached photos), and that the extension of 1901 is the near-symmetrical range at this end (photos). The building was still in use for its original purpose in 1968. Hand tools, including hammers of a wide range of sizes, and picks shovels and spades were used in enormous numbers before power tools and earth-moving machinery were readily available. The best hammer shafts were made, as here, from hickory wood, imported from America. '