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Original Text (Annotation: EAW002206 / 1326379)

' Believed to be the "Britannia I", 75ftl.o.a. owned by Charles & Arthur Myall. Built as copy of "New Prince Of Wales I" [ex-"Julia Freak"]of the rival Southend Motor Navigation Co., by Hayward's local Boatyard during the 1920's. Requisitioned along with 11 other local pleasure boats for Operation Dynamo Dunkirk Evacuation on 28th May, 1940. Post-Dunkirk Naval Service as inshore minesweeper, thought to have been deployed to Nore Division. Returned to Myall's Ltd in `1945, and operated from Foreshore for many years after WW2. As well as the 109ftlong, 102Tons "Southend Britannia", and the 75ft "Britannia I", the Myall's also owned the smaller TSMV "Skylark II", also a Dunkirk Little Ship. '