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Original Text (Annotation: EPW024887 / 1324983)

' This is the TSMV "New Royal Sovereign" pleasure boat, said to have been built 1927; moored stern-to the Burdett Road Jetty. Wrong "pitch" for an excursion TSMV so big, too far away from the Marine Parade stretch were most Holidaymakers congregated; - the Owners couldn't get enough "passing Holidaymakers Trade", and by the mide-1936's had sold the little ship up the North Sea Coast to Bridlington, where she was sunk in the harbour during an air raid in 1940, while serving as an RN Auxiliary and Tender.. The Burdett Road Jetty was dismantled shortly after 1936, because it doesn't show in an aerial photo dated 1939, only 13 days before the Declaration of war so the jetty wasn't dismantled because of "invasion fears". '