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Original Text (Annotation: EPW062745 / 1324027)

' "Southend Britannia" - a 92ton Twin Screw Motor Vessel built by J. Thornycroft of the I.o.W and launched in in 1924; 109ftloa.x 25ft beam, x 3ft draft; BoT "Steam 4" passenger-carrying License for 345 persons in Estuary cruising. Owned by Charles and Arthur Myall. Built to compete with adjacent vessel, the similar but earlier-launched 90ton, 107ft loa. "New Prince of Wales" of the Southend Motor Navigation Co, built at Bosham during 1922-23, and Launched July, 1923 for service at Southend. Have a look at the website under Southend excursion boats for better pictures. '