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Original Text (Annotation: EPW037024 / 1141625)

' This was the SMNCo. 48ft loa. Bawley the "May", built in 1902 to race home under sail with her catches of 15 tons of sprats. During WW2 she sunk at her mooring from leaks caused by shrapnel damage from a bomb which just missed the Pier pavilion; salvaged, she spent the rest of the war in a mud berth close to Johnson & Jago's Yard to the west of Old Leigh. Refurbished by Cooks Yard on the Hythe at Maldon in 1945, she was back fishing for the SMNCo until the sprats shoals vanished from the estuary around 1960. Eventually, she was sold away up the east Coast to a n owner who intended to convert her to a yacht, Nothing further known as of 2015. '