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Original Text (Annotation: EPW040978 / 1061035)

' The Myall Family's "big "Britannia", built 1924 by John Thorneycroft & Co, I.o.W., as a near-copy of the already-very-successful "New Prince of Wales". The Myall's didn't volunteer their two vessels for Operation Dynamo until May 27th, - and they were allowed to crew their own vessels. I suspect that, as a result of having their own crews, - and being very lucky as well, - both the 'big' Britannia, and the smaller Britannia I not only survived Dunkirk, but - commandeered afterwards into Naval Coastal Patrol service, they also survived WW2, and returned to civilian passenger service for the 1946 Season. See the simplon pc website for better pictures of all three of these TSMV excursion vessels. '