EPW058490 ENGLAND (1938). The Palace Hotel and environs, Birkdale, 1938

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Title [EPW058490] The Palace Hotel and environs, Birkdale, 1938
Reference EPW058490
Date 26-July-1938
Place name BIRKDALE
Easting / Northing 332202, 416159
Longitude / Latitude -3.025524460735, 53.637318614717
National Grid Reference SD322162


Birkdale Place Hotel, haunted supposedly, The story of the haunted lift at the Palace Hotel has entered into local folklore and was first reported in local newspaper The Southport Visiter on 6 May 1969, when a group of demolition workers reported that the lift at the old Palace Hotel in Birkdale was acting very strangely. Jos Smith, who was heading the demolition team, said: "Things began to happen soon after we started the job. First we were woken up by eerie voices and other strange noises in the middle of the night, then the lift suddenly began to work by itself."Further investigation revealed that despite the fact that the lift's power had been cut and the brakes were on, the four ton box was quite merrily making its way between floors, just as it did before the hotel was closed. "That made the men really jittery!" added Mr Smith. A more prosaic explanation than supernatural intervention is that the lift had an auxiliary (or 'back up') power supply. In fact, the team of hardened demolition workers became so jittery that they cut the giant lift from its holdings, but still the lift didn't drop, the workmen hammered the top of the lift until this caused it to come crashing down from the third floor into the basement. The workmen also reported hearing voices, the sounds of arguments and a woman's stilettoes clattering through the foyer, although these may have been caused by courting couples who were often believed to make use of the hotel's empty bedrooms. The workers, from Rochdale, were even locked in their rooms on occasions. In 1961 a six-year-old Southport girl, Amanda Jane Graham, was murdered after being abducted by a Birkdale Palace hotel porter. Her body was found under his bed at the hotel. It has been rumoured that two sisters carried out a suicide pact in the hotel and that 11 murders may have occurred within the hotels walls. Several persons have suggested that the temporary laying to rest of 14 deceased lifeboatmen in the hotel coach house, now the Fishermen's Rest pub, could provide another explanation for paranormal occurrences at the site.

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Birkdale Palace railway station

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The Southport & Cheshire Lines Extension Railway is a now-disused railway line in Merseyside, England. It was built by the Cheshire Lines Committee, extending the North Liverpool Extension Line to Southport in 1884.


Thursday 16th of July 2015 08:51:31 PM
The railway line from Birkdale Palace to Ainsdale Beach ran close to sand dunes. The CLC (and later BR London Midland Region) needed to give this part of the route much attention due to sand drifting onto the tracks. There are photos existing of drifted sand right up to the top level of the Palace station platform. This and the light usage of this line for most of the year, led to the closure of passenger traffic to Aintree in 1952,a number of years before the Beeching cuts elsewhere).A goods service ran on the SCLER line from Altcar and Hillhouse Station sidings to Aintree and beyond until 1960, to fulfil a special contract.

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