EPW009161 ENGLAND (1923).  The station and Marine Terrace, Margate, 1923


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    Title [EPW009161] The station and Marine Terrace, Margate, 1923
    Reference EPW009161
    Date 1923
    Place name MARGATE
    Country ENGLAND
    Easting / Northing 635017,  170746
    Longitude / Latitude 1.3781650839095,  51.386514213582
    National Grid Reference TR350707
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     Lord George Sanger's 'Margate Abbey' folly built in 1874 / 1882, later modified and assumed to have been extended to create a residence for the Dreamland amusement park gardener. This structure forms part of the western perimeter wall which originally intended to shield the menagerie pleasure gardens from the adjacent SER railway. The structure survives and has now been stabilised/part-restored with grade II listing, but the adjoining wall to the north terminates after a short section at an assumed original archway and truncated tower. To the south sections of the wall also survive, adjoined by 3 cages. In 1990 the Bembom Brothers began much demolition and clearance of the original railway and perimeter embankments within the west area of the Dreamland site taking down the second folly, replaced by modern in-filling and some of the perimeter wall. However as part of the new 'Kiddies Area', the folly was turned into a haunted residence by installation of an animatronic ghost named Gus in the first floor window, which would be activated by a coin slot.

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    Friday 8th of September 2017 01:56:38 PM
     Dreamland Ballroom, later the Dreamland Squash Club then offices. Now a venue, perhaps inappropriately called Hall by the Sea. The result of several extensions and refits to south of the abandoned LCDR constructed railway terminus, through Lord George Sanger's operation of Hall by the Sea and his menagerie pleasure gardens. Sections of the original menagerie perimeter wall on the west side was twice reused during this time with infilling and cladding added to make up the difference both in ground levels and roofline. The building largely survives in this form now as a shell after a privately funded restoration of works with stabilisation, repointing, re-cladding and some rebuild. A less appeasing third extension had been added to the south and east of Sanger's cottage in the 1940s forming perhaps a backstage area for the ballroom. It was removed in 1998 by Jimmy Godden, unfortunately also taking Sanger's cottage with it.

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    Friday 8th of September 2017 12:42:11 PM
     Lord George Sanger's 'Margate Abbey' ruins, as seen in many published postcards. This substantial structure built in 1874 as ruin by design would have served as the original entrance gate into the menagerie pleasure gardens. It survived through the new Dreamland Zoo of the 1970s, before sadly being cleared. Now listed grade II, only a small section of the original western perimeter wall, 3 cages and a modified folly of Sanger's menagerie remains today and has now been stabilised/part-restored.

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    Friday 8th of September 2017 12:09:14 PM
     Rollercoaster at Dreamland Amusement park

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    John W
    Friday 7th of October 2016 07:59:35 PM
     Railway line between Margate and Broadstairs.

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    John W
    Friday 7th of October 2016 07:55:19 PM

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    User Comment Contributions

    This is Hall by the Sea station, on a branch line from Ramsgate which also went to Margate Sands station. I think this closed around 1926, after grouping, as part of a rationalisation of railways in the area by the new Southern Railway.

    John W
    Friday 7th of October 2016 08:07:15 PM