EAW014279 ENGLAND (1948). A LMS Garratt 7970 on the Midland Mainline at Kibworth Harcourt, 1948. This image has been produced from a print

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Title [EAW014279] A LMS Garratt 7970 on the Midland Mainline at Kibworth Harcourt, 1948. This image has been produced from a print
Reference EAW014279
Date 12-April-1948
Easting / Northing 467151, 294371
Longitude / Latitude -1.0097169573602, 52.542685825423
National Grid Reference SP672944


7970 heavy haul goods train a short distance behind the switch points onto the main line to kibworth

Sunday 8th of November 2015 06:41:43 AM
field/land drainage ditch culverted down under the track bed into a drainage channel on the other side behind and along the north signal box water runs sth along this channel passing L/R of the track along a deep culvert on its way past the old station site is open water nr new road bridge passing under the new road and the track embankment to the sewage works on the other side and on to a larger stream flowing through the golf course and beyond. (believed to be known locally as johnny,s brook) 2014 network rail pic of the same location a little more to the right over the line some 50 years on

Sunday 8th of November 2015 06:16:59 AM
kibworth warwick rd goods/express passing loops up and down slow freight/goods trains would be held on these outer lines to allow the express passenger service through. up to two goods trains could be held on theses one each side and released back on the main line once the express had passed in this picture a few years on but the same section of line but looking to wigston from warwick bridge a english electric deltic heading into kibworth on the express line both goods lines have gone along with the north box and associated equipment the deep gully on the right is field drainage culverted under the track bed.

Sunday 8th of November 2015 04:22:54 AM
Hut, lying on its front, for use by staff sent out during periods of poor visibility as Fogsignalmen.

Monday 6th of October 2014 10:34:03 PM
Loco waiting for the road at the end of the up goods loop.

Peter Kazmierczak
Monday 6th of October 2014 07:15:47 PM
Kibworth North signalbox.

Peter Kazmierczak
Monday 6th of October 2014 07:14:45 PM
This gully is quite deep, so where does it go at the bottom?

Dave T
Monday 6th of October 2014 02:02:59 PM

Friday 3rd of October 2014 08:30:22 AM
Lengthmens cabin

Friday 3rd of October 2014 08:28:45 AM
Quite a small box for the midland main line. Larger boxes were at stations and trains were generally signalled from one block to another at these stations. Small intermediate boxes were sometimes used at small sidings or junctions often for quarries etc. These boxes were often only open for part of the day when the sidings were in use.

Tuesday 2nd of September 2014 04:25:47 PM
Bayer Garrett 2-6-6-2. Maybe in Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire area if the Bolsover wagon and the picture is pre NCB 1947

Tuesday 2nd of September 2014 12:55:34 PM
Considering the mismatch of wagons and the fact that some seem in a terrible condition, could this be a wartime photograph when the wagons were pooled?

Brick Collector
Tuesday 2nd of September 2014 08:14:37 PM
Signal box on down main (passenger] line side of track.

Tuesday 2nd of September 2014 12:41:41 PM
LMS Garrett Loco pre nationalisation. Midland main line, almost certainly 'up' coal train heading for Brent.

Tuesday 2nd of September 2014 12:35:06 PM

User Comment Contributions

A wonderful photograph of an ex LMS Beyer Garratt locomotive on a laden freight. The chances are that this is on the ex Midland Main Line somewhere between Toton and Cricklewood and that the train is travelling south because the trucks are full of coal.

Friday 1st of January 2016 01:23:36 PM
Garrett 7970 locomotive:

British Rail engine number 47970 from May 1949.

Works number 6651

Designer- Fowler/Beyer-Garrett


Driving wheel 5 feet 3 inches.

Built 31/8/1930 by Beyer-Peacock Ltd in West Gorton, Manchester

1948 shed: Toton Last shed: Toton (18A)

Withdrawn 31/7/1955 at Crewe and cut up

Friday 1st of January 2016 01:23:36 PM
Image: 6th October 1954.

View SE south of Loughborough, towards Leicester on the ex-Midland Main Line. One of the 33 Garratts, designed by Fowler and Beyer Peacock in 1927, No. 47970 was built in 8/30 and was one of the first to be withdrawn in 7/55: it is running down light engine on the Down Slow line, passing another of the numerous heavy coal trains for which the Garratts were designed to substitute for pairs of 0-6-0s.

Copyright - Ben Brooksbank- licenced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license 2.0

(Must give name of photographer in re-use)

Source: [[File:Loughborough LMS 2-6-6-2 Garratt geograph-2825561-by-Ben-Brooksbank.jpg]]

Friday 1st of January 2016 01:21:36 PM
I 'think' this is centred upon SP67169437, c.110 metres NW of Warwick Road. Signal box no longer extant.

Opinions please...

Laura Maddison
Saturday 25th of October 2014 11:54:05 PM
Yes, I'm sure that't correct Laura. If you look at the 1:2500 OS map for c1960 you will see that it fits. The location's not quite correct yet on the map on this site - it's shown on the SE side of the Warwick Road bridge. Should be NW as you say.

Saturday 25th of October 2014 11:54:05 PM
I do not believe this Garrett is on the Midland mainline, but between Bristol and Birmingham (Bromsgrove).... Lickey Incline. This locomotive was built specifically for this line.

Friday 17th of October 2014 09:23:05 PM
You may be thinking of the L.N.E.R. Beyer Garratt Class U1


The fact that this one has L.M.S. on the side is something of a giveaway.

John Wass
Friday 17th of October 2014 09:23:05 PM
Kibworth North signal box is in the far background of this photograph:


Also see this


And this (mentions the box and the signalmen - and scroll down to photo at top of page 6 with a Beyer-Garratt loco just starting off from the position of the one in the photo above):


Monday 6th of October 2014 10:26:53 PM
This is Kibworth of the Midland mainline between Leicester and Market Harborough.

We are looking NNE. The locomotive is waiting at signals on the up goods loop. The signalbox is Kibworth North.

Peter Kazmierczak
Monday 6th of October 2014 07:11:05 PM
Definitely the ex-Midland Railway main line - later part of the LMS - these trains were marshalled at the huge Toton marshalling yard in Nottinghamshire - then forwarded on to London's Brent yard.

No Garratts were designed for the Lickey Incline - both LMS and later exLNER Garrats were tried - the LNER U1 had in fact been intended for use on the Wath/Worsborough incline in South Yorkshire - both types failed to dislodge the unique Big Bertha 0-10-0 which was purpose built for the Lickey.

Monday 6th of October 2014 07:08:03 PM
The photograph is dated 12th April 1948, demonstrating clearly that 'big four' liveries remained in use for a while after nationalisation, as did private owner wagons.

Toby Clempson
Wednesday 3rd of September 2014 01:18:21 PM
The ex Midland Railway signal box looks just perfect standing in what looks like the middle of the countryside. I can only see one set of points in the up and down main lines to the right of the signal box. I have been checking on the Signal Box Record Society website but I can't find a signal box diagram to match this one. As an aside many of us will have put together the Oakham Level Crossing Signal Box kit by Airfix which looks very much like this one.

Tuesday 2nd of September 2014 11:43:54 AM