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Created 25 April 2013

Britain from Above in Torbay - Based on their findings, the young people created a film that compares and contrasts the Aerofilms images with the area they live in today.

Aisha Hamis
Tuesday 30th of September 2014 10:11:41 AM
My husband and I holidayed here for many years with our children who are now in their late 20's and 30's. We moved to torbay in 1995 we loved it so much. I am now running a short project with Britain from Above and a small group of teenagers. We are looking for any photos that show any sea or beach shots with the armed forces during the second world war. Our project is looking at the change of our beaches over the years and how they have been used by locals and others.

Susan H
Monday 29th of September 2014 03:01:29 PM
Excellent wide view of the Torquay Harbour area and Torbay.

David Parry
Saturday 11th of May 2013 07:43:53 PM
Finally, a picture from the wider area: a busy beach day in Paignton. These photos make you yearn for summer even more! Does anybody have any recollections of enjoying the sea and the sun here at Paignton Sands or in Torquay? It would be great to hear about them.

Sandra Brauer
Monday 29th of April 2013 02:42:11 PM
.. and here's a close up of the beach with quite a considerable amount of people enjoying the sun.

Sandra Brauer
Monday 29th of April 2013 02:39:00 PM
Another shot of Torquay harbour from further away, this time taken 2 years later. At the very right of the picture you can see the area where Living Costs is now and the lovely little beach at Beacon Cove ...

Sandra Brauer
Monday 29th of April 2013 02:28:47 PM
A lovely shot of Torbay's Old Harbour with a view up Union Street. This is from 1928 and we worked out that the library wouldn't have been built by then. It will eventually be erected where the trees are behind the Town Hall at the very top of the photograph.

Sandra Brauer
Monday 29th of April 2013 02:25:43 PM
Hi maythorn,

thanks for creating this group. I hope many more people interested in Torbay and South Devon will join! It's been great to meet you at Torquay Library last week and I hope you will continue to enjoy using this website. As an incentive to those who missed out on our event, I thought I'd post some of the photos we had a look at.

All the best


Britain from Above Activity Officer England

Sandra Brauer
Monday 29th of April 2013 02:23:39 PM