Toll Houses

About the group Tollhouses were built to house toll collectors.

Created 16 July 2013

Toll house erected when Wellington Road North was built, later became a bank and was demolished by a lorry.

Lynda Tubbs
Wednesday 4th of December 2013 03:10:39 PM
St Ledger's Chapel. Has been used as a private dwelling, toll booth and public house.

Lynda Tubbs
Thursday 28th of November 2013 07:18:19 PM
The toll house is an integral part of the bridge. It has two storeys with a basement and a room at road-level.

Lynda Tubbs
Wednesday 6th of November 2013 03:04:18 PM
Halfpenny Bridge is aid to be named after the halfpenny toll levied until 1839 at this toll house.

Lynda Tubbs
Tuesday 6th of August 2013 02:28:14 PM
Willey Tollhouse, Broseley. Early C19, extended mid C19. A new turnpike road was opened in 1808, and the 1838 Broseley tithe map shows an octagonal building at the site of the toll house.

Lynda Tubbs
Tuesday 6th of August 2013 01:38:12 PM