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Original Text (Annotation: EAW022457 / 645111)

' Odiham Castle, Odiham, Hampshire, RG29 1HG Known locally as 'King John’s Castle' Grade 1 listed building - English Heritage Building ID: 136964 Scheduled Ancient Monument- Extra-mural settlement located in a field to the east of Odiham Castle. Partly-surviving octagonal keep, said to have been constructed by King John, located within a moated area. A remnant of the moat remains on the opposite bank of the canal. Open to the public. Access via the canal towpath. Completed c 1214, Sometime between 1216 and 1225, the mound on which the keep is build was raised 5 metres and the keep rebuilt. Described as a ruin in 1605. The canal was built through the Bailey in 1792. Renovation work in 2008 included a viewing area in the keep with the ground level raised by means of a buried layer of polystyrene blocks, to protect the archaeology underneath. '