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Original Text (Annotation: EPW036885 / 636639)

' Headquarters of John Mackintosh & Sons founded in 1890 by John Mackintosh & his wife, Violet. Initially they ran a small baker's shop just outside the Halifax town centre and Violet developed a new form of toffee which they gave away to their Saturday customers. This new form of toffee mixed the traditional brittle British toffee with the softer, caramel-based toffee developed in the United States. Eventually this was marketed as Toff-O-Luxe and Toffee-De-Luxe. As the company expanded the range increased and Mackintosh's began to take over other confectionery companies such as Caley's in Norwich. Eventually in 1969 they merged with Rowntree of York to become Rowntree Mackintosh and in 1988 were themselves taken over by Nestlé who still own the business. The factory shown here is still in place and is still operated by Nestlé '