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Original Text (Annotation: SPW019453 / 2046937)

' Ingram Street looking east, St David's Parish Church (Ramshorn Kirk) on the left was designed by Thomas Rickman and his plans were substantially amended by Glasgow's Superintendent of Public Works, James Cleland. It was built in 1824-1826 to replace an earlier church, the North-West or Ramshorn, that had been built on the old lands of Ramshorn and Meadowflat in 1724. The new church became popularly known as the Ramshorn Kirk. The Gothic church has a 120 feet tower with a large vaulted crypt that contains the earthly remains of many famous Glaswegians. The graveyard (infamously pillaged by bodysnatchers from the University during the early 1800s) was encroached upon for the widening of Ingram Street. Many graves were removed to a new graveyard at the rear of the new church, but those of the Foulis Brothers lie under the pavement near the main entrance marked with a cross and their initials A F and R F. '