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Original Text (Annotation: EAW022356 / 2036263)

' Trolleybus - one of 5 in the near vacinity, at the Victoria and Albert Docks Terminal. Unlike the trams which simply reverse, trolleybuses need a wide circle to turn. Here, in Connought Road, land was purchased by the LPTB and a deck was built over the cut to allow the trolleybuses to turn. Three routes terminated here - 687, 697, and 699. This was the busiest of all the dock terminals, with as many trolleybuses turning here in the peak as the others put together. The destination blinds for trolleybuses terminating here simply read "DOCKS". Trolleybuses commenced running here fom 6th June 1937 and continued to do so for a further 23 years until 26th April 1960. '