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Original Text (Annotation: SPW027083 / 2023525)

' Wild guess - this could be the observation tower above the Crook Tunnel to the west of the A701 opposite Hearthstane - position 55 31' 11''N 003 25' 02'W The previous photos SPW027081 and SWP027082 were taken to the south - 082 just to the south photographing Culter Fell and 081 the Devil's Beef Tub. Basically the pilot has been following the A701 on his way north towards Peebles. The next one in sequence after this one is Linlithgow Palace. Perhaps it was just a target of opportunity; he observed the tower and photographed it on his way north. The tower is visible from the road and is on Google Earth. Photo attached. The Tower is not marked on the old Ordnance Survey maps -1910 and earlier. It appears on the it appears on the OS 1:25000 1937-61 series. I have had second thoughts overnight - the lie of the land in the background does not look right against the mapping. The road should be on a valley floor and fairly level. The road/track in the photo appears to be rising. '