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Original Text (Annotation: EAW012053 / 1455845)

' A moving Euclid BV Belt Loader with 2 Euclid Bottom Dump trucks in attendance. BV Loader stands for "Blade-Veyor" and it was not a self propelled machine it was pulled by a bulldozer. It's exactly like a Holland Loader but Euclid started making the BV's back in the 1940's before them I believe. It works like a scraper does but the dirt moves up a conveyor belt and then its loaded into a 'Bottom Dump' tractor running alongside of it. Up to 5 of these dump wagons follow in convoy awaiting their turn as each one is filled to capacity. In the attached photo the 'A' Dump tractor is moving off as 'B' replaces it (IMAGE EAW011892). Next, you can see truck 'B' alongside the BV receiving its load while Truck 'A' heads off (IMAGE EAW012057) to where a fleet of tipper trucks await nearby for dispatch to a landfill site(IMAGE EAW018408). The book EUCLID: Earth-moving Equipment 1924-1968 has an entire section on the BV Loaders. '